A1 revisited project
A1 Revisited: At a historic moment, this paper missed the mark.

Role: Graphic editor, Story editor
• Conceived of and developed the idea to annotate the Seattle Times' historic print pages
• Acted as project manager for this part of the story package
• Created the assets from the original pages
• Designed/coded the story presentation and lead a teammate through the development
Disappearing Daughters project
Disappearing Daughters

Role: Graphic editor
• Helped set the presentation design
• As project manager, coordinated with photo, video and text Teams, as well as other stakeholders
• Lead a teammate through the presentation development

Story awards:

• 2021 SND - Digital - Use of Video in Digital
Storytelling/Infographics/Social Media
• 2021 Emmys - Outstanding Interactive Media: Arts, Lifestyle and Culture
• 2020 ONA - First place, Features
The Roar Below project
The Roar Below - How our noise is hurting orcas’ search for salmon

Role: Graphic artist, developer
• Created and coded all graphics, illustrations and charts
• Design/coded story presentation with a teammate

Story awards:

• 2020 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism award - First place, Large newsroom
• 2019 National Headliners Awards - First place, Journalistic innovation
• 2019 ONA - First place, Explanatory reporting